Marketing, Branding & Public Relations

Marketing, Branding & Public Relations

In today’s tightly connected, highly personalized marketplace, people want ongoing relationships with brands that form part of their personal identity; more than just “customers” or “consumers” they want to be part of a community.

The Teddlie Stuart Edge:
Public Relations

The scope of the project was to assist the foundation with its brand creation, public launch, and to generate broad and deep media coverage of the events associated with the launch, specifically Mrs. Chase’s 90th Birthday Celebration.

The events consisted of three luncheons and a formal gala dinner. Because of wide public dissemination, all four were sold out (in fact, they added seats to respond to demand). Teddlie Stuart facilitated many thousands of dollars in earned media value not only in New Orleans, but across the country. We also wrote and disseminated press releases nationwide, credentialed media representatives on site for the events and responded to media requests for information and interviews.

The complexity of this project arose primarily from the significant amount of celebrity involvement and the special touch required to make sure the media get what they needed to help publicize the effort without overstepping proper boundaries with people as well known as Chefs Emeril Lagasse, John Besh, Susan Spicer, Marcus Samuelsson, John Folse, and Mayor Landrieu, Presidents Obama and Bush, Ellis Marsalis, and of course Mrs. Leah Chase.

The Teddlie Stuart Edge:
Social Media

Barcadia New Orleans, Barcadia Baton Rouge

Belle’s Diner, 2016

The Teddlie Stuart Edge:

The University of New Orleans Foundations came to Teddlie Stuart wanting not only a generally improved public presence, but striving to accomplish a list of immediate goals in the legislature. Teddlie Stuart’s assertive style was a perfect fit for a group wanting to make progress quickly. We did research, which revealed a need to re-build the UNO brand, and then created the Voices for UNO campaign. Voices for UNO is a vehicle to help focus on UNO’s strengths and speak to a variety of audiences simultaneously. We created everything from scratch: colors and design, website, Facebook and social media, and all of the related materials.

It turned out that many of those tied most closely to UNO – students, faculty, staff, alumni, and donors – were unaware of the university’s distinguished programs. We worked to inform them, and motivate them to advance with a unified voice at the right time and to the right people to help accomplish the university’s goals. Everyone involved was pleased Voices for UNO met with remarkable success in a high-stakes, high-risk legislative environment.

The Teddlie Stuart Edge:
Direct Mail

Teddlie Stuart was tasked, as part of a team, with building a brand from scratch and, among other things, helping this civic organization with the difficult task of promoting the oil and gas industry and stopping damaging lawsuits throughout in parishes around the state of Louisiana. In every instance since the organization’s inception, parish council votes have gone in favor of the energy industry.

Using a combination of direct mail, print advertising, Internet ads, and telephones, Teddlie Stuart was able to build civic understanding of complex issues in a winsome way, motivate the public to act, and direct the action toward the best outcome. Grow Louisiana has gone from nothing to one of the most respected voices on the issues in just two years.

What stands out as particularly strong is the direct mail campaign, nominated for national awards, in helping to unite a disparate community of oil and gas workers, educating the general public on complex issues, and motivating decisive action.